Dec 16, 2010

Dish Network - Dish TV

Dish Network - Dish TV, it's all the same company. Some people say Dish Network others say Dish TV. Call it what you want I'm just going to give you a little history about Dish Network-Dish TV in this post. Two websites used by the company are and

Dish Network's headquarters are in Meridian, CO. Currently they are the fourth largest pay TV provider in the USA, serving about 14 million customers. Dish Network's former parent company Echostar was founded in 1980 by Charlie and Candy Ergen and their friend Jim DeFranco. Dish Network(DISH) was established in March 1996. Dish Network has become the leader in satellite TV technology and HD.

Dish Network and Echostar split in 2008. Dish Network is focused on marketing satellite TV services while Echostar provides the technology. Echostar 1, their first satellite, was launched in December 1995. They now have 14 satellites in their fleet.

Dish Network competes primarily with satellite rival DirecTV and cable providers. DISH is included in the NASDAQ 100 index and is a fortune 200 company.

The company wide motto is to "spend money like it's your own". Dish Network has the reputation of being the value leader in all of pay TV. According to the 2010 ACSI survey DISH is first in customer satisfaction among all cable and satellite TV providers.

During 2010 Dish Network introduced some industry changing technology such as the Google TV Special Offer and Dish Network Current Offers like HD Free For Life. I hope this gives you a little better understanding of what kind of a company Dish Network is. I will be posting more in the next week about Dish Network-Dish TV technology and all the new features being offered by DISH. You can order DISH today and have your DISH satellite TV system installed within 3 days.

dish network-Echostar satellite
Echostar Satellite

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