Dec 17, 2010

Dish Network HD DVR-SD DVR the Basics

Dish Network HD DVR-SD DVR, the basics on everything from the ViP 922 Slingloaded down to the Solo SD DVR 512. Even in the modern age a lot of us don't really understand this new fangled DISH DVR technology, hopefully this post makes it easier. At least you'll have learned what a HD DVR is compared to a SD DVR. Dish Network has the best on the market according to

DISH Network Receivers

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows us to record, pause or replay live TV, just by touching a button. A DVR also allows us to skip commercials during a recorded show. A DVR lets you watch your favorite shows when you want, not when the networks schedule them. The way you watch TV will never be the same after you get your Dish Network DVR.

SD DVR- Dish Network's Standard Definition DVR devices combine the power of DVR technology with feature-rich satellite receivers allowing you to replay and pause live programming or record and watch it at your convenience.
HD DVR- Dish Network's award winning High Definition DVR devices have become more readily available, they can even be included with the current free installation promotion. HD DVRs offer all the functionality of the SD DVR but also allow viewing and recording of HDTV programs.

Single-Tuner DVR- A DVR with one satellite tuner that gives you the power to record the show your family is watching. Like all DVRs, DISH Network's single tuner receivers record your programming directly onto your receiver's hard drive.

Dual-Tuner DVR- A DVR with two satellite tuners that gives you the flexibility to record two live programs at the same time, or record a live program and watch a different live program, or record two live programs and watch a previously recorded program. You can even watch different live programming on two televisions at the same time!

Now you know the DVR lingo and should be a little more educated when it comes to DISH Network DVRs. Take advantage of the Free HD-DVR installation before January 31, 2011! You can place your order here, and receive our discount. You can also find some great discounts if you prefer to purchase your own DVR from Amazon using the search box to the right.


ViP 922

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