Jan 3, 2011

Dish Network vs Directv

DISH Network and DIRECTV are the top two satellite TV providers in the USA. DISH Network vs DIRECTV satellite TV compared side by side seem very similar at first glance. This is not your typical DISH vs DIRECTV comparison, I'm not a sales affiliate for both, only one. I will tell you the truth and welcome your comments. I do not and never will, have my comments closed on any post. I welcome your input!

Dish network directv
DISH Network compared to DIRECTV

DISH Network offers a small package for $24.99/month, locked in for 12 months, giving you 120 channels. DIRECTV offers their small package of 150 channels at $29.99/month for 12 months. Both big satellite TV services will save you money compared to any cable TV provider. A package comparable to these two would be about $70/month with Comcast or Cox.

DISH Free HD For Life Compared to Directv

DISH Network is cheaper, that's obvious. You will save $15/month on any of the America's Top packages with DISH for the first year. This is where it really pays to look at the fine print. That little $29.99/month bill with DIRECTV will be over $59/month next year! Is that what you really want? Doesn't $39.99/month with DISH sound much better?

Try to snoop around on the DIRECTV site, it's almost impossible on their homepage to get to the fine print. When you click on it, it vanishes. Try it yourself, it's below the orange Get DIRECTV button. It's very obvious they don't want you to check it out too long. If you go to the "packages page" they make you type in your zip code before you can even view the details, very tacky indeed. For most of us this sets off a red flag right away. They also flat out lie about DISH Network by stating that your price with DISH will go up in 6 months. Another red flag! Also take note of when their special promotion expires. It's on Feb 9th, 2011, just after DISH's on Jan 31, 2011, the copycat syndrome once again. Just like with HD Free For Life.

If you are looking for a true value and you want the best in satellite TV technology then DISH Network TV is for you. I welcome you to sign-up today.

DIRECTV does still have a small advantage in certain sports channels, that's it. If that matters to you then maybe it's worth it. DIRECTV will make you wait for months to see any savings so don't think you'll be paying just $29.99/month to start. View the comment below! DISH has the new satellite up there, just remember that before you order.

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connan said...

As a DISH Network employee and subscriber I would like to add one other thing. With DIRECTV new customer promotion you have to wait 6 to 8 weeks before you will get the promotion this means you will be paying full price till then.

JR Courtland said...

Wow! Thanks Connan, didn't realize that.

Anonymous said...

I have sold both Dish and Direct.
Connan is 100% wrong. Your first bill will be at the promotional price for each company. Connan must just spit out random nonsense from the company handbook he was given from Dish.
Directv has whole home DVR service as well which is awesome. Dish has sling technology, which rocks as well. Basic DirecTV package Choice, beats out Dish's Top120.
List goes on. Damn, this just convinced me to make my own comparison.

Dish Network TV Blog said...

What do you sell now? What do you have at your own home? My guess would be DISH Network.

Once you complete your comparison please let me know!

Robert said...

In my opinion. At the present time, direcTV offers the best high definition TV service. This is because it broadcast all of it's HD channels in the 1080p format together with Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound. It's also the same format used by Blue-ray disc players to provide cinema quality presentations. More info about satellite tv comparison click here.

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