Feb 24, 2011

Why Satellite TV by DISH Network?

Dish Network 5 packages under $50

Why have so many been signing up for satellite TV by Dish Network? People have been falling in love with satellite TV service like never before. Many of these new subscribers once had cable TV service but decided to switch to satellite. The DISH Network Corporation said in December of 2009 that it had now gone over the 14.3 million mark for U.S. households that used their service. What is it that so many Americans see in satellite TV technology that they weren't getting from their cable TV company? This post will try to answer some of those questions.

Why Feed the fat Cable Pig?

Many Americans have made the switch from cable TV due to cable's high monthly cost. Cable rates keep climbing with no end in sight. According to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) the average basic cable package starts at $52.76 per month. That is their cheapest package. DISH Network on the other hand has packages that start at just $24.99/month. If you want even more programming with your cable company, the bill can be well over $100.00/month. So more and more of us have simply decided to stop feeding the fat cable pig.

Why Watch a crappy Picture?

Most Cable TV companies use a combination of analog signals and digital. This often produces a very poor picture. A horrible picture. Satellite TV such as DISH Network use 100% digital technology. This produces clear and sharp images which are easier and more enjoyable to watch. Now "HD Free For Life" is available by DISH Network.
Cables run for MILES and sometimes little rodents can knaw away at the cable thus allowing water to seep into the cable and this can also cause a very disturbing picture. Sometimes a local drunk smashes a pole over. Who wants to get a headache watching TV and have to pay for it as well? With satellite TV, the coaxial cable runs from the satellite dish on your roof down and into your house avoiding this problem. 

Why Can't I Receive Cable TV Where I Live?

A major challenge with ordering cable TV is that often if you live out in rural areas or rugged areas the cable provider simply can't lay cable in those locations. If they can't lay the cable, then you don't get any cable TV for your local area. Also, laying cable is a time and labor intensive proposition. Vast areas of the country are to this day without cable TV simply due to the fact that the cable companies haven't gotten to laying cable in those areas. Where I live in Michigan is a prime example.
DISH Network satellites are located at approximately 22,300 miles above the earth's equator in geosynchronous orbits. They are always there sending down their satellite TV programming. So almost anyone can sign up for and get DISH satellite TV service. No more being told - "Oh, we're sorry; but we don't have service on your road yet".

Why Is My Television Screen Blank?

A recent study done by J.D. Power & Associates shows that cable TV subscribers suffer through up to 5% of downtime on their service. That figure is only 1% for satellite TV subscribers. Also, these cable outages can last for hours before they get the problem resolved. Remember Seattle last year? With satellite TV often you can just unplug the TV for 30 seconds and then plug it back in and that will fix the problem. So it seems most of us actually want our TV to work when we turn it on. 
So back to our original question. Why satellite TV by DISH Network? I think you have a pretty good answer now. Sign up today and lock in your price until 2013!

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