Mar 20, 2011

DISH Network Offers

DISH Network is the leader in the satellite TV service industry in the USA. DISH Network offers are always compared with DirecTV, another very popular choice of US pay TV customers and both serve a huge number of subscribers. Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer a large number of channels, plenty of exciting programming packages and excellent services which includes HD programming and "HD Free For Life" by DISH.
But still DISH Network is the voted #1 pay TV provider in the US today. Why? Well it is because of DISH Network's sincere effort to make their service affordable for all. This article attempts to put up an overview of DISH Network offers which is likely to make it clear why DISH Network is the satellite TV provider to go with.

Dish Network keeps providing variety throughout the year to attract customers. DISH now offers five packages for under $50/month! While some offers are withdrawn within a short time some are available for months. It depends completely on the success of an offer in fetching new customers. DISH Network often offers its packages at discounted price and even makes its equipments cheaper which converts a lot of cable TV customers into DISH customers. Especially during the off-season, DISH Network reaches a lot of new homes every year by reducing rates considerably.

DISH Network offers its greatest discount on its premium programming packages. Though discounts on premium packages are also offered by cable providers, the rate never matches DISH Network's price, because a DISH Network premium package includes way more than what a cable TV company offers. Not only does a DISH Network premium package offer more channels but provides viewers the choice to enjoy HD entertainment free which is just unheard of for cable TV. DISH Network's premium package includes several DISH HD channels that wow viewers with their crystal clear picture and finest sound quality. DISH Network offers discounts on its premium package for several months in two forms; low price package offer and free service, such as Showtime free for 3 months.

Another reason behind the growing popularity of DISH Network is the discounts that it offers on its monthly packages. By signing a long term deal with DISH Network for a programming package, a subscriber can qualify for all kinds of discounts that are being offered by them on that particular package. Discounts are often offered on the regular DISH Network packages making a maximum number of DISH Network channels available to subscribers at minimum prices.

But DISH Network does not stop at offering packages at a discounted price. To make sure its service reaches homes of new subscribers, the satellite TV service provider often offers its equipments at slashed rates. DISH DVR is among the most popular equipment that DISH Network offers its subscribers and heavy discounts are offered on different models quite often. DISH HD DVR, which has been specially designed to record programs from DISH HD channels are also offered at affordable rates.

However, the biggest attraction of DISH Network is the free installation special. DISH Network is the only satellite TV service provider in US that provides free installation in up to six rooms for one subscriber, which is just awesome.  Get into a money saving DISH Network Deal to enjoy maximum entertainment at the most discounted price and lock in your deal until 2013!

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