Apr 5, 2011

Dish Network vs Cable TV

dish network vs cable tv
Dish Network vs Cable TV is a very popular question among pay TV customers across the USA. This article will touch on the answers and give a better understanding of what both Dish Network and Cable TV have to offer.

When it comes to TV entertainment, most of the viewers are in dilemma, which one to choose, Dish Network or Cable TV. It has been noticed that millions of Americans have switched from cable to Dish Network in the recent times. But you must compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two popular modes of TV entertainment before taking the final call. When you start comparing one with the other, you must consider some important factors such as cost, picture quality, program choices and customer satisfaction as well.

The first thing for which Dish Network is becoming more popular is its quality of output. The subscribers of Dish Network enjoy the opportunity to watch high quality digital channels as well as HD channels while Cable TV offers poor, blocky and pixilated images. Sound output with cable TV is also not satisfactory. There are just a few digital channels offered by Cable TV.

Let’s have a look at the programming packages. There is wide and diverse selection of programming packages offered by Dish Network and the satellite TV viewers can choose the package of their choice and requirement. But Cable TV does not offer that amount of choices.

In terms of content too Dish Network scores higher. Dish Network viewers have an opportunity to enjoy wide array of high quality contents. These programs are well-researched, informative and you would love to watch them. On the other hand, Cable TV does not have contents to meet the tastes and preferences of the viewers.

With Dish Network, you can explore more options as there are more than 500 digital channels that offer blockbuster movies, sports events, and more to suit the viewers need. For instance, if you love watching movies, you can opt for separate satellite TV packages for movie channels or if you are a sports buff you can go for the sports channels. In short, you can choose the channels that you want to watch. But with Cable TV, you won’t get this amount of liberty.

Another most stunning feature of Dish Network is that it offers multi-channel watching facility. This means, you can watch multiple channels on a single screen simultaneously. Cable TV does not have this facility. With only Dish Network you can record, pause, and rewind Live TV through the advanced DVR system.

Price is another very crucial factor that you must bring under consideration while comparing Dish Network and Cable TV. Dish Network is invariably cost effective. The package of this Satellite TV service provider starts at just $24.99 per month where you get to see more than 60 channels or for just $29.99 you can have 120 channels with Free Showtime and DISH Platinum for 3 months. And you also get free equipment and free installation. For upgrading your existing package to HD and DVR no extra cost is charged.

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