Sep 25, 2011

Dish Network's New Blockbuster Video Service

dish network-blockbuster video
DISH Announces it's new Blockbuster Video Service:
DISH Network has unveiled its plans to offer Blockbuster Movie Pass, a new online streaming video, DVDs by mail and satellite TV subscription service. The program is considered an attack on rival Internet video giant Netflix.
The announcement comes as Netflix is losing subscribers after declaring a 60 percent price hike in July.
DISH, which acquired suffering rental company Blockbuster in April, says the initial package is being bundled for DISH satellite TV service subscribers but that it will be offered to non-DISH customers later on.
The service starts at $10 a month. After July’s announcement, Netflix charges $8 a month for unlimited internet streaming and an additional $8 for DVD rentals by mail. The company recently renamed the by-mail service “Qwikster.”
According to Forbes, Dish CEO Joe Clayton said that Blockbuster Movie Pass will provide users with access to more than 100,000 movies and TV shows by mail, over 5,000 movies that stream to their TVs, more than 10,000 movies that stream to their computers, and more than 3,000 by-mail game rentals.
"One company, one bill, one connection for everything you need in video entertainment," said Clayton on Friday, as quoted by The Denver Post.
The Post notes that Netflix holds an advantage with over 20,000 movies and TV shows available for instant streaming. In addition, the fact that Movie Pass will initially require a Dish subscription should benefit the stand-alone Netflix.
Blockbuster service is Free for 3 months by signing up with DISH Network satellite TV now.


Parker said...

Now that DISH has Blockbuster I think they are doing way better than Netflix with the Blockbuster movie pass. Working for DISH I have learned about the Blockbuster movie pass and what it offers. Like you read we do get movies, TV shows, and games all through the mail. You also get to stream thousands of on demand titles through the mail. Let me not forget the additional channels you get with DISH. If you are an existing DISH customer it is only $10.00 a month. If you aren't a DISH customer and want the BBMP, go online to DISH now and check it out!

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