Feb 12, 2012

Blockbuster Dish Network

DISH Blockbuster @home
Now when you order DISH Network satellite TV service, Blockbuster @home is included FREE for 3 months. DISH purchased Blockbuster last year, allowing them to bundle TV, movies and games in a way that gives you unprecedented entertainment choices and delivery options on one bill, from one provider, at one incredibly low monthly price. Together they give you the most extensive library of movies, games and TV shows available.

With DISH Blockbuster @home you get access to:

  • Movies, TV shows and games - over 100,000 titles delivered to your door. Plus, in-store exchanges.
  • Thousands of movies to stream on your TV, computer and iPad®
    (Streaming to TV requires HD programming and a broadband Internet connected ViP 612, 622, 722, or 722k receiver.)
  • Get over 20 additional entertainment channels including STARZ®Cinema, EPIX 1, Sony Movie Channel, Palladia and many more!

There are three ways that Blockbuster @home works.

1. Streaming to your TV, computer or ipad.

2. Get your movies, TV shows and games mailed to your door. Blu-ray rentals included at no extra fee. 

3. Also by in-store exchange at your local Blockbuster store. You don't have to wait for your next movie to be mailed - get it right now at your local Blockbuster store with unlimited in-store exchanges. When you're done watching the DVD, return the mailed DVD and envelope to your local participating Blockbuster store to exchange it for another DVD or video game. When you return that DVD to the store, the next title in your Blockbuster @Home™ Queue will be sent to you.

To sign up for DISH satellite TV services simply call 1-800-998-DISH and use Ext 50531 and Promo code A12 when asked by the csr to claim your Free Blockbuster @home service for 3 months.


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