May 21, 2012

Best Satellite TV Deal Now - DISH or Directv

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Best satellite TV Deal

Who has the best Satellite TV deal now and does it come from DISH or Directv?
DISH Network satellite TV has the lowest prices nationwide on the channels we desire most. DISH starts out at only $19.99/month. You'll pay less per channel with DISH than any other satellite TV or cable TV provider. The basic DISH channels contain some of America's favorite channels like USA, ESPN, TNT and more. A cheap upgrade to America's 200 will gain you access to channels like FX and Bravo and still save you MORE than DirecTV.

HD is huge now! With well over 200 HD channels DISH Network has more HD channels than DirecTV. Yes, we know that everyone claims to have more HD channels than everyone else and it's all very confusing. Well DISH will point you to numerous unbiased third party resources that will tell you flat out, “DISH has more HD channels than DirecTV.” Add their limited time offer of FREE HD channels for LIFE with any purchase of America's Top package and DISH Network is clearly providing the best Satellite TV deal now and value for you and your family.

If you love Sports programming than you must consider this.  No, DISH doesn't have the NFL Sunday Ticket Package.Considering it can cost as much as $400 and you still might not see your local team, I think the alternatives are better. At DISH Network they offer the NFL RedZone, which will show you the highlights of every touchdown from every Sunday afternoon game, every week in high quality digital HD. The best part is that it only costs $7.00/mo as part of the larger Multi-Sport Pack.

Instead of a long drawn-out “hope you forget to file” rebate process that DirecTV offers, DISH Network's discounts kick in as soon as your service is active. NO EXTRA STEPS REQUIRED. You don't have to fill out a rebate form. You don't have to send if off and wait forever to get your money back. We're honest about or discounts and promotions. The Washington attorney general is suing DirecTV because of the unethical manner in which they handle their rebates. You don't need that kind of hassle. View all of the DISH TV deals now and make your choice to save on Satellite TV today!

Most people have more than one TV. DISH recognizes this and offers substantial discounts and promotions for subscribers second receivers. DirecTV will charge you for every additional TV in your home. This can turn into substantial costs.

Call 1-800-998-DISH and use Ext 50531 Promo Code A12 to order the best Satellite TV deal now!


Karina F. said...

As for me I am going for Dish TV. I am having a great time with my tv viewing thanks to them. :)

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