Aug 1, 2012

Walking Dead Zombies Unleashed on DISH Network

walking dead-zombies-unleashed-dish network

How do you make a point when DISH Network (DISH) won't broadcast your shows? What do you unleash?? You launch a full out Walking Dead zombie attack on DISH, of course. That's the strategy AMC used recently on the streets of New York. Sounds freaky but whatever. NYC loves their zombies.
The zombie force invasion was meant to bring attention to the fact that viewers can no longer watch AMC shows like The Walking Dead (as well as Breaking Bad and Mad Men) via Dish Network TV. The reasons behind the blackout of AMC shows on the Dish Network are spooky but they essentially boil down to disagreements surrounding revenue and the new world of online television streaming operating alongside traditional cable and satellite TV outlets.

Hoping to inspire DISH TV customers to demand the return of AMC, the cable channel planned up the NYC zombie assault that even featured one creepy zombie dragging a satellite TV device along the city streets. It's doubtful that this will inspire a mass call-in to DISH from subscribers, but scaring hapless, supposedly super freaked and jaded New Yorkers with realistic zombies is certainly a great way to bring attention to AMC's side of the debate.


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