Dec 28, 2010

Top 5 Reasons To get DISH Network TV

DISH Network gives us many reasons to get DISH TV. Saving money with Dish Network, Google TV and Dishnetwork apps for Android to name a few. Here are the Top 5. Comment and help me add to the list if you can think of other reasons to get Dish Network.

#1 DISH Network Saves Us Money
With packages starting at only $24.99/month for 120 channels it's very easy to save with Dish Network.

#2 DISH Network HD Free For Life
Sign up to any of the America's Top Packages and get HD Free For Life for the life of your DISH contract.

#3 DISH TV Everywhere
Dish Network customers can now get DISH TV on their smart phones such as Android and BlackBerry. We have these cell phones free along with free Dish Network installation.

#4 DISH Network-Google TV Special Offer
New Dish Network customers and existing customers can purchase the Logitech Revue for Google TV at a special discounted price of $179. You can find out what you want to know about Dish Network-Google TV here. I think you'll be amazed at what you can do with Google TV on DISH.

#5 DISH Network New Customer Promotions
Get DISH TV now since the new customer promotions end on 5/17/2011. You will save by getting 3 HD receivers installed on up to 3 TVs free. If you want the best HD-DVR on the market that's also free right now.

Get DISH Everywhere

More information and resources for Dish Network satellite TV can be found on our home page.


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