Dec 27, 2010

Dish Network-FCC Net Neutrality

Dish Network - FCC Net Neutrality Statement This is what Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen had to say about Net Neutrality

"DISH Network applauds Chairman Genachowski and Commissioners Copps and Clyburn for adopting critically important net neutrality rules. The Commission's Order is a solid framework for protecting the open Internet. The new rules give companies, including DISH Network, the framework to invest capital and manpower in Internet-related technologies without fear that our investment will be undermined by carriers' discriminatory practices. While we wish the Commission would have gone further to expressly prohibit discrimination on wireless platforms, we are pleased that there will be ongoing Commission oversight and enforcement authority."

Sounds like Charlie is happy with the FCC ruling.

Learn more about Net Neautrality at Wikipedia

FCC net neutrality
Net Neutrality


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