Dec 24, 2010

Cable TV Sucks-Sick Of Comcast Cox and Charter Cable?

Are you sick of Comcast, Cox and Charter? Chances are you have one of these cable tv providers or have had them in the past. Tired of paying $70/month or more for Comcast, Cox or Charter cable? Fed up with the outages and bad service? Some of you have no alternative because of where you live. If you own a house, mobile home or condo you do have a choice and there is a solution.

Satellite TV by Dish Network offers you many options. DISH just rolled out 3D TV and Google TV. You will also qualify for HD Free For Life by subscribing to any of the America's Top packages with Dish Network. As an example, America's Top 120 is only $24.99/month. This package gives you 120 of the most well liked channels and your local networks. You will also get HBO and Showtime free for 3 months. There are some great new customer promotions going on with DISH right now.

Here is the part that will really make you smile! Installation is free. Dish Network will also give you a free HD-DVR upgrade if you order soon. You can also take advantage of the 3 for free deal. Three HD receivers installed free of charge. If you want the best HD programming on the planet and want it free for life then Dish Network is for you. DISH customer service is rated #1 among pay tv providers in the USA.

Look over all the details and sign-up today. Have your old cable bill with you and compare with Comcast, Cox or Charter. Sit back and enjoy the best value in pay tv now.

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Alex said...

I'm definitely sick of using Coincast - thank you for showing all the other options out there. Not to mention free to start and not filled with shady "6 months of this price" scams. Please don't support these business practices, we want clear transparent prices and services!

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