Dec 22, 2010

Facebook Login | Facebook Yes or No

Facebook login
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Facebook Login- Facebook Yes or No? Do you really want to login? Could you be doing better things or would you prefer to just waste time on Facebook like millions of other people do? There's no right or wrong answer here, just Yes or No. We all use Facebook these days and it raises some questions for most of us.

I'm not on topic today with this post, I'm having some fun and am curious. This blog is about Dish Network TV and getting the best deal. It just seems odd that so many people search for the Facebook Login page everyday. We have browser history, favorites and bookmark features on our computers and mobile devices. Almost everybody has used a computer and been online. You would think that a search like this would be uncommon since we go there daily and already have a Facebook page.

Some of us use Facebook as a means of keeping in touch or connecting with old friends. A large percentage of Facebook users just go there to play and waste time. Maybe that leads to the answer of why do some of us have to search to login to Facebook. Have we become so programmed to search for everything that we even search for this? What do you think? It's only the most popular website on the planet. Comment below and share your answer. I will see you all on Facebook later lol.

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