Feb 11, 2011

Dish Network Channels-Sirius Satellite Radio Free

dish network sirius satellite radio channels
It just keeps getting better! Dish Network channels now include Sirius Satellite Radio stations free. As long as you subscribe to Dish Network's America's Top 200 or higher you'll get over 60 Sirius Satellite radio channels free. This package is being offered now for only $39.99/month with your price locked in for 12 months!

Find out about the current Dish Network offers and pick out what you need the most. If you love sports, you will fall in love with the Top 200 package. I've listed the Sirius satellite channels and categories here for you.
Dish Network Channels - Sirius Satellite Radio:

Pop Music Channels

Top 40 Hits – 6001
The Blend
Lite Pop Hits – 6002
Love Songs – 6003
'40s on 4
'40s Pop Hits/Big Band – 6004
'50s on 5
'50s Pop Hits – 6005
'60s on 6
'60s Pop Hits – 6006
'70s on 7
'70s Pop Hits – 6007
'80s on 8
'80s Pop Hits – 6008
'90s on 9
'90s on 9 – 6009
BBC Radio 1
UK Pop Hits – 6011
The Pulse
Modern Adult Hits – 6012
Elvis Radio
Elvis Presley 24/7 – 6013
Beautiful Music – 6076

Rock Music Channels

E Street Radio
Bruce Springsteen 24/7 – 6010
Classic Vinyl
'60s & '70s Classic Rock – 6014
Classic Rewind
'70s & '80s Classic Rock – 6015
Deep Tracks
Deep Classic Rock – 6016
Jam On
Jam Bands – 6017
The Spectrum
Adult Album Rock – 6018
Classic Hard Rock – 6019
New Hard Rock – 6020
Alt Nation
New Alternative – 6021
First Wave
Classic '80s Alternative – 6022
Hair Nation
'80s Nation Hair Bands – 6023
'90s Alternative/Grunge – 6024
Underground Garage
With Little Steven – 6025
Indie/College/Unsigned – 6026
Liquid Metal
Heavy Metal – 6027
Action Sports/Punk/Ska – 6028
The Loft
Comfortably Eclectic – 6029
The Coffee House
Acoustic Singer-Songwriters – 6030
Radio Margaritaville
Escape to Margaritaville – 6031
Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead 24/7 – 6032
The Bridge
Mellow Rock – 6033

Dance & Electronic Music Channels

Smooth Electronic – 6035
Dance Hits – 6036
Trance/Progressive – 6038
The Strobe
Disco/Classic Dance – 6081

Hip-Hop / R&B Music Channels

Old Skool Rap – 6039
Hip-Hop Nations
The Nation's Hip-Hop Hits – 6040
Shade 45
Eminem's Uncut Hip-Hop – 6045
The Heat
Rhythm/R&B Hits – 6050
Heart & Soul
Adult R&B Hits – 6051
Soul Town
Classic Soul/Motown – 6053

Country Music Channels

The Highway
New Country Hits – 6060
Prime Country
'80s and 90's Country Hits – 6061
The Roadhouse
'60s and '70s Country – 6062
Outlaw Country
Rockin' Country/Americana – 6063
Willie's Place
Traditional Country – 6064
Bluegrass Junction
Bluegrass – 6065

Latin & World Music Channels

Tropical/Latin Pop – 6083
The Joint
Reggae – 6084

Christian Music Channels

The Message
Christian Pop & Rock – 6066
Southern Gospel – 6067
Gospel – 6068

Classical Music Channels

Met Opera Radio
Opera/Classical Vocals – 6078
Classical Pops – 6079
Symphony Hall
Traditional Classical – 6080

Jazz, Blues & Standards Channels

Smooth/Contemporary Jazz – 6071
Real Jazz
Traditional Jazz – 6072
New Age – 6073
B.B King's Bluesville
Blues – 6074
Siriusly Sinatra
Sinatra/American Standards – 6075
On Broadway
Show Tunes – 6077

Wow, lots of choice and value with Dish Network! Sirius satellite radio for everybody. Go ahead and get signed up today and lock in your savings.

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