Jan 9, 2012

Dish Network Android App-Google TV

dish network android app-google tv
Never again will a DISH Network customer miss the exciting moments of a great sporting event. DISH has partnered with Thuuz to create an enhanced Dish Network android app for Google TV that helps avid sports fans instantly find the best live and upcoming games to watch on television.

Using special computer algorithms, the Thuuz Android app for Google TV monitors the excitement levels during broadcasts of Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, soccer, cricket and rugby games, along with both pro and college football and basketball. When the excitement level on field reaches a crescendo, an alert pops up on the viewer’s TV screen to let the viewer tune to the action.

Since DISH is the only pay TV provider to pair a set-top box with Google TV devices, the Thuuz application can also automatically record the most exciting moments of the game for later viewing.
“DISH partnered with Google TV to spur innovation in TV apps,” said Vivek Khemka, vice president of Product Management for DISH Network. “Thuuz is a great example of an application for the TV that enhances the viewing experience. The power of the Thuuz app comes from its ability to cut through the overload of televised games and take serious sports fans immediately to the best sports action.” The Thuuz app uses factors such as parity, pace, novelty, momentum and context in the algorithms that automatically assign an excitement rating to each event. Thuuz comes from the second syllable of “enthusiast.” “The thrill of watching sports comes from witnessing the drama and suspense as it unfolds," said Warren Packard, CEO and co-founder of Thuuz . "Instead of just catching the news after the fact, DISH subscribers can now watch the most compelling sports action play out, either live or time-shifted. The combination of DISH's extensive sports programming, Google TV's interactive platform, and excitement analytics built into the Thuuz app deliver an optimal experience for the sports enthusiast.”

All devices with Google TV and Android 3.1 work with the Thuuz app. The new Logitech Revue with Google TV is available to DISH Network customers for only $99. Customers can order by logging in to their DISH Network account at www.dish.com or by calling 888-590-3684.
To order DISH Network service call 1-800-998-DISH and use ext 50531 promo code A12. For more information about DISH Network's Google TV solution, visit www.dishnetwork.com/googletv . For more information about Thuuz, visit www.thuuz.com . See a sample Thuuz app screenshot at http://press.dishnetwork.com/Press-Center/Photo-Library .

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