Jan 14, 2012

DISH Network-Pro's and Con's of DISH Business TV

DISH Business TV
What types of businesses would be interested in the Dish Network business TV package? The military and government agencies; hospitals and hotels; restaurants and bars; retail and office locations; or condos and apartments could all benefit from something on the lines of the DISH business TV package. 

Dish Network is now in tight competition with Directv; they both offer the same movie channels and many different packages to suit almost anyone’s needs. Dish Network however offers nine different packages as opposed to Directv’s four. Bars and hotels in particular would be interested to know that while Direct TV offers a sports package that involves 10 different categories of sporting events, Dish Network’s sports package contains only seven. When it comes to foreign language programming however, Dish Network runs circles around almost anyone and everyone that offers pay TV, cable providers included. Dish Network offers 28 languages; from Arabic all the way to Vietnamese.

Dish Network and Direct TV both claim to install your package within 1 to 7 days; they cover the same local channels; they each charge for additional equipment though the first is free and Directv’s charges for extra equipment are a little lower than Dish Network’s.
Both services have been ranked as highest or number one in customer satisfaction. Dish Network does carry more HD channels and are currently offering free additional HD receivers that would an approximate cost of $200 from Directv. And although Dish Network is currently the satellite TV service that is the fastest growing, as far as experience is concerned, Directv has been around the longest. Directv also has approximately four million more subscribers than does Dish Network.
Clearly more consumers have subscribed to Directv in the past; but with Dish Network quickly increasing their popularity, that could all change in a heartbeat.
To find out more or order DISH Network call 1-800-998-DISH and use Ext.50531 when asked.


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