Jun 10, 2012

Best Cable TV Deal - Get Cable Service Cheap!

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The Best Cable TV Deal

How do we get the best cable TV deal and how do you get cable service cheap? Sounds stupid, I know. Cheap and cable service don't go together these days. When we think of cable and getting the best deal, we think of cable TV giants like Comcast, Time-Warner, Cox and even Charter.
They all have the "bundle" deal. We want cheap cable service, internet and phone so you sign up for it and then realize it sucks and drains your wallet real fast.  Most "bundle" deals end up being well over $100 per month for something that works most of the time but not all the time.
To get the best deal in cable or pay TV try satellite TV by DISH. DISH Network or DISH is now known as the value leader in pay TV. If you live in a house, condo or apartment where you can have satellite TV please keep reading!

The DISH motto is "Get More Pay Less" I'm going to do a little comparison of DISH satellite TV and Comcast, since Comcast is probably the cable TV provider most of you have used. I'm also going to keep this simple and basic. If you are interested here is more on cable TV deals from Comcast and some tips on how they advertise.

DISH TV Compared to Cable TV(Comcast):
-DISH has six packages with an everyday price of less than $60 per month. Comcast only offers two.

-Comcast raised their prices this year, DISH didn't. Cable TV prices with Comcast went up 3.9%.

-Better Technology. DISH now offers The Hopper whole home HD-DVR. Sign up with DISH TV and skip commercials in primetime TV! The Hopper is the most advanced DVR ever.

-DISH has beat Comcast in customer service 12 years in a row according to the 2012 ACSI survey.

-The most movies. If you switch to DISH Network now, you'll get Blockbuster@Home for three months. You'll also get HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz free for 3 months! Cable TV doesn't give you that.

-HD Channels and DISH's HD Free For Life. Comcast offers about 140 HD channels. With DISH you'll have access to over 200.

-Free Installation in up to 6 rooms with DISH TV. Even the best cable TV deal doesn't do that. They charge extra to have cable installed in that many rooms.

The list continues but I hope you understand the basics. Plenty more about DISH deals, signing up and channels can be found here at the Home Savings Shop. They are an authorized DISH dealer and offer free next day installation in most locations! To talk to a live DISH rep call 1-800-998-DISH and use ext 50531 promo code A12 when asked to get all the specials for your location.

The moral of the story is that cable TV isn't normally cheap. To get the best cable TV deal look around and don't be sucked in by your local cable service giant.


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