Jun 7, 2012

Satellite TV 2012 - Satellite TV Providers

satellite tv-satellite tv providers

The Satellite TV scene in 2012 is made up of four giant Satellite TV providers. These four have many independent satellite TV retailers in all locations across the USA.

Here is a list of the major satellite TV providers in the USA for 2012:

DIRECTV was the first entertainment service in the U.S. to deliver all digital-quality, multi-channel TV programming to an 18-inch satellite dish. The launch of DIRECTV© service, with its national reach, provided people across the continental U.S. with a much needed alternative to cable. Today, DIRECTV is the nation's leading digital multi-channel satellite television service provider. As of late this satellite giant had been plagued by customer service issues and heavy competition from DISH.

DISH is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, EchoStar Communications Corporation is a public company with approximately 20,000 employees. The Company and its subsidiaries deliver Direct Broadcast Satellite  TV (DBS) television products and services to customers worldwide. DISH, also previously known as DISH Network changed the pay TV industry by offering HD Free For Life. DISH satellite TV is now recognized as the value leader in Satellite TV providers.

GlobeCast WorldTV is the world’s leading provider of domestic and global transmission services for video, audio, business television, IP multicasting and internet backbone service, as well as full digital and HDTV production, post production, language conversion and network origination services, and worldwide mobile production and satellite newsgathering.

VOOM is the first and most complete provider of high definition programming for the rapidly expanding home entertainment market. VOOM offers more than 35 high definition channels to consumers across the continental United States, including 21 brand-new, exclusive, commercial-free HD channels delivering hundred of hours of movies, sports, music and more every day.

I thought you might also enjoy this comparison of the USA's top two satellite tv providers DISH and Directv


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