Sep 26, 2012

DirecTV Logo Freaky For Sure

DirecTV has designed a new, freaky logo for set-tops and DVRs that it describes in a trademark application as an image consisting of a "flame or smoke-like element with human-like features." Freaky stuff for sure, wow.

DirecTV freaky flame logo
Freaky DirecTV Logo
Image source: U.S. PTO and DirecTV

DirecTV reserved the right to use the image on set-tops and DVRs, in addition to satellite TV and video-on-demand services, according to the application, which was filed on Sept. 18 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
"It's something we did file, and may use in the future," according to DirecTV spokesman Darris Gringeri. Yikes!

The image that DirecTV included in the trademark application appears to depict a woman made of flames. The design search codes that DirecTV lists in the trademark application include the search code for "other grotesque women including women formed by plants or objects" and "geometric figures or combinations of geometric figures representing a person." It also included the design code for "fire (flames), other than flames emanating from objects, words, numbers, fireplaces or candles."

DirecTV rival and satellite technology leader, Dish Network (DISH) has also developed new logos for its set-tops. It's new Hopper multiroom DVR features an image of a cool kangaroo not some freaky demonic woman.


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