Oct 13, 2012

Can DirecTV Genie Compete with DISH Hopper?

directv genie dvr

DirecTV has now launched its Genie whole-home DVR  Offering new satellite TV subscribers who sign two-year contracts set-tops for up to five rooms and free access to the 2012 NFL Sunday Ticket package. This is DirecTV's attempt to hang with the DISH Hopper.

The Genie promo marks one of the most aggressive subscriber campaigns yet for DirecTV, which lost over 52,000 customers during the second quarter. Boasting that  the Genie can record up to five programs simultaneously, DirecTV takes shots at satellite TV rival Dish Network (starting at only $19.99) and cable operators in a boring website it launched to pump up Genie.

The site notes the high-definition DVR can automatically record TV series that it expects a subscriber would be interested in based on their viewing habits. DISH's Hopper DVR system gives us the ability to skip commercials on network TV.

In addition to offering new subscribers Genie, a DVR manufactured by Pace that contains 1 terabyte of storage space, DirecTV said subscribers can get up to four free Genie C31 thin client set-tops from Pace that can be used to access programming from any other room. Genie is also compatible with the RVU protocol, which will allow subscribers that buy TVs from Samsung and other manufacturers building RVU-enabled TVs to access the whole-home DVR and DirecTV's user interface without a set-top.

DirecTV is pitching five programming packages with the Genie offer, ranging in price from its $30 Entertainment package to the $90 monthly Premiere package, which includes premium networks HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax. It's offering three free months of access to the premium networks to all new subscribers.

DISH still offers more for much less and now offers the Hopper whole home DVR system. To find out more about the DISH Hopper and order DISH TV call 1-800-998-DISH and use Promo Code A12 and Ext 50531 when asked.


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