Feb 13, 2012

Comcast Service-Comcast Cable TV Deals From Hell

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Comcast Deals From Hell

Call 1-800-874-3128 for Comcast Cable TV service & High-Speed Internet deals in Ludington, MI. Save big with Comcast Cable TV & Internet in Ludington, MI! Does this sound like something you've heard before in your town? Or found online? You probably have even if Comcast doesn't provide cable service in your area and I'll tell you why.

I was doing some research on cable service and cable TV deals here in my home state of Michigan last night and found something very interesting about Comcast and Saveology.

I live in West Michigan, Ludington to be exact. My Google search was targeted in this area. Anyone who lives in West or NW Michigan know's that for cable TV you have to go with Charter or satellite TV providers DISH and Directv. The nearest city with Comcast cable available is Muskegon, about 60 miles south of here. The strange thing is Comcast via their partner Saveology.com list almost every city in Michigan as having Comcast cable.

Here's an example: http://www.cabletv.com/ludington-mi-comcast.html  Notice how the url includes Ludington. I will also mention that this site, cabletv.com is a Saveology site. If you want cable TV here you can only get Charter, that's it. Talk about false advertising! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. They do this to manipulate the Google search index by flooding it with Comcast links associated with towns all over Michigan. These links link back to their main site pushing them to the top of the SERP for Comcast. Looks like Comcast is a real fair player in this market huh?
To the average pay TV customer it might just seem annoying but in the web marketing world this is called blackhat seo. Look what happened to the JC Penney website not too long ago. Could it soon be the same for the Comcast official site and their blackhat partner Saveology?

Google engineers can have a field day with this when they choose to. It's fine for DISH Network or Directv to do this but they don't. Both satellite TV providers can offer their service in any city.

I hope this opens your eyes to the shady world of Comcast, America's greedy cable TV giant.
If your interest is pay TV deals and Satellite TV offers you've came to the right place.

Here is a screenshot from the page I mentioned above. View it for yourself and if you like order your Comcast cable in Ludington, MI lol . 

comcast-cable tv-deals from hell
Comcast Deals from Hell

Notice how the above page leads you to believe you can get XFINITY Triple Play in Ludington, MI. Keep in mind it's not just my example city of Ludington, it's all over Michigan. Check out the screenshot below from the Comcast official site comcast.com You have every city listed for you that offers XFINITY as updated by the "Comcast Expert" Note that not one Michigan city is listed. 

It doesn't get much clearer than this. Blatant Google spamming done by Saveology and in turn Comcast.


Anonymous said...

These guys are tools! I had Comcast crap in Grand Rapids Mich and it sucked. I wish I could get DISH here but I can't. False advertising on such a big scale makes you wonder about these guys, good lord

Web Guru said...

Makes me laugh but it's the Comcast cable retailer that's really at fault for this. Do they really offer Comcast in Scottville,MI hmm

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