Feb 16, 2012

New DISH Network Channels Available Now

DISH Network now has new channels available! You currently have new DISH packages starting at only $19.99/mo and even more HD channels have been added to many of their packages. With these channels you will now have access to all kinds of women's programming, hit series, specialty programming and sports. DISH Network is always thinking of ways to keep their programming fresh by bringing you new channels to watch and preview. 

New DISH Network Channels Available:
  • Science HD (Channel 193): This is now included in the America’s Top 200 and Higher Packages. With access to this channel you can learn about the cutting edge technology , scientific discoveries, space, engineering, earth science basics, and more with science videos and news.
  • EPIX 3 (Channel 382): EPIX 3 is now included with the Blockbuster @Home and The EPIX Package. EPIX 3 has a vast library of movie choices for subscribers to choose from. You will have access to some of your all time favorite Hollywood Hits that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • EPIX Drive-In (Channel 292): EPIX Drive-In from EPIX proudly celebrates the “B” Movie, genre films and edgier fare from our deep, if decidedly more dangerous movie collection. This commercial free movie package gives viewers a grittier side to cinema.
  • Bloomberg HD Television (Channel 203): Bloomberg Television is now offered for subscribers of the America’s Top 250 package. This channel provides around the clock coverage of the people and companies that move the market. This channel is backed by 2,300 news professionals, that deliver an immediate perspective on critical business news.
  • MLB Network (Channel 153): Comes with the America Top 200 or Higher Packages. Tune into the MLB Network when you want more than just the score of the Baseball game. This is your one stop guide to the latest breaking news, highlights, insights, and original programming.
  • Hub (Channel 179): Is the American Digital Cable and Satellite Television channel that launched on October 10,2010. This was a joint venture of Discovery Communications, Inc. and Hasbro. This a channel aimed at the younger generation. This channel is now included in America’s Top 250.

If you are looking to get DISH Network TV call 1-800-998-DISH and use Ext 50531 when asked for all the latest DISH deals in your location.


Mark_Dish said...

Cool, there are six new channels. These channels look entertaining and must being having action packed program. Anyway as long as it is in hd, these channel are going to rock my entertainment. Kudos Dish hd

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